Good Life Insurance Tips for Single Moms

According to Kortz, many clients are taking him up on the recommendation. “Sometimes it becomes less of an investment decision and more of a ‘Can I sleep at night?’ decision,” he says.

Having your expectations met is important when you are on a quest for this type of coverage, and be aware that there will be a trade-off. Insurance companies are willing to insure you, but you need to do something for them as well, which generally consists of paying a substantial premium.

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Variable life insurance develops a cash value over time. The cash value of the policy may be invested in a variety of different accounts, similar to those found in a 401(k). The mix of investments is completely at the discretion of the policy holder, and many policy owners select an all equity allocation. This subjects the policy to dramatic fluctuation of its cash value. Stock market gains can result in a rise in cash value which can lead to a cash rich policy. However, large market losses could result in negative consequences.

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If you have entered the age bracket of fifty to eighty-five years old, you have probably already begun to think about end of life arrangements and how they will affect the family members you leave behind. This is true whether you are suffering from serious health issues or are still in great shape and expect to live for several more decades. Most seniors know that one of the best ways to protect their loved ones is the purchase of a senior life insurance policy.

In simple words, the service tax of 12.36% on Ulips is going to be charged on the entire amount that the insurer keeps after deduction of mortality charges and the investible amount. Much of it is reflected in the front-end premium allocation charge. So, the higher the charge, the higher the impact. Nitin Chopra, CEO, Bharti AXA Life Insurance Co. Ltd, says: “By placing the allocation charges of Ulips under the service tax fold, while the entry load of other market-led instruments are not, Ulips are not being provided a level playing field.”